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    Great day

    Went up to one of the places I hunt to put a bow holder on my stand and maybe sit for some squirrels. Well after running around a bit I got there later than planned but still enjoyed the drive through the country with my windows down.

    It was a gorgeous morning to have the place to myself to clear my head. Climbed up the ladder stand at the end of a hedgerow and screwed in my bow holder and sat down to enjoy the view of the fields and woods. In a minute or less 8 turkeys stroll in at about 50yds, 2 hens and 6 poults that were almost as big as the hens. I enjoyed watching them for a few minutes before 3 does emerged from the wood line about 80 yds away snacking on some acorns. They strolled across the field and into the diagonal wood line. I continued to watch the turkeys for another 20 minutes or so until they wandered off into the woods.

    I'm particularly fond of this property because it belongs to one of my high school buddy's parents and he's since moved south. I've ridden dirt bikes here, became a pretty decent bass fisherman in the pond, proposed to my wife there and many other memories including my first successful archery hunt, a real nice tom turkey this spring with Bishop. Bishop even got his first CT turkey there two years ago.

    I checked the trail camera, scoped out the soon to be food plot ground the owner just plowed under. Took a couple shots with the .22 at a soda bottle I found and saw a couple fighter jets fly over.

    Got to stop on and chat with the owner as he got home just about the time I was leaving. We then headed off to the Hebron fair for some fair food and truck pulls.

    Just a great day to enjoy the freedoms I have as an American and outdoorsmen.

    I hope everyone had a safe and spectacular fall season and hope you all spend a moment or two to cherish what we have.

    Feeling grateful

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    Nice post, thanks for sharing. It's good to "stop and smell the roses" when outdoors. There's so much more to hunting than the harvest.

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