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    Bantam Lake

    Went up to Bantam today with my son. Took my little 14 ft fishing boat to just mess around as it was such a nice day. Normally I fish Candlewood but haven't had the time lately. I used to vacation with my family up at Bantam around 20 years ago. Went to the new launch area where Beverly's used to be. The launch is so steep it can barely be used. You back your trailer down and it disappears. Tough getting in and out.

    We fished a while, my son caught a few pickeral on spinner bait I caught a few small bass. When we got there we had to wait about 40 minutes for the bass tournament guys to finish up weighing fish and leave to open up parking spots. Couple other guys waiting to get in complaining about the wait and how these tournament guys have no right to tie up an entire launch area.

    When we were waiting our turn to pull out saw a guy about 300 pounds in the front of a boat telling his son to crank it up. This was a heavy 18 to 19 foot boat and this guy was sitting right in the front. The kid is complaining the boat keeps going side to side and off the front roller. We are standing there watching and he tells the kid to release the winch as he's' bending over the front with his hand in the way. Wack from the spinning winch as his hand is in the way as the boat rushes back towards the water. This guy is yelling and wrapping his hand in a tshirt that is soaked in blood. I think he broke it and his kid said I think your hand is fooked. You know what I mean. Still better than spending the day at home, but that lake is way too busy with people pulling kids on tubes and jetskis. I don't think I'll be back to Bantam for another 20 years.

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    Yeah, that sounds too crazy and hectic. At least you got to enjoy a day outside though.

    If you take a canoe or kayak out you can get into the channels to the north side of the lake. Have to portage over a beaver dam but it's worth it. If anyhing it gets you away from the crowded lake.
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