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Thread: Food Plot in state forest rules?!

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    Food Plot in state forest rules?!

    Ive read older post and saw the comment by the officer stating you can use a food plot as long as your not using it as bait for that season.. so i was curious what if you hunt there year round then... could you plant and maintain that small food plot in state forest land threw out the years and hunt it with out breaking any laws?

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    Call DEEP on that one brotha
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    Baiting or planting to attract wildlife on State land is a no go for a number of reasons. Even just to bring them in front of a trail cam in the off season is prohibited.

    Our Encon Captain made it clear a few years back when this was brought up to him. He said they would charge people with littering to prevent wildlife from getting comfortable with humans feeding them. The concern is wildlife approaching non hunters to seek or protect unatural food sources on state property.

    Too bad Encon couldn't replace the Captain when he retired, he gave a lot of great insight that can be found by searching our Encon forum.

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    Even if it was legal the problem is that it is still public land. You could go through a lot of effort to plant a food plot, but since it is public property anyone who wants to could hunt over it.

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    Dive nailed it. Food plots are for private property in CT and food plot on state land would be a no go and you'd have other people hunting it daily. The same officer you referenced explained this in detail

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