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Thread: Coyote Shotgun Ammo for State Land

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    Coyote Shotgun Ammo for State Land

    From what I read the largest size shot one can use is #2 shot. Is this correct? Has anyone had much luck with #2 shot? I know it is probably better to use Lead shot vs steel shot due to the weight difference.

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    I understand it to be no larger than #2 shot as well. Got a box of it, haven't used it yet. Range dependent...close enough, you'll kill it.

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    40 yards and closer #2 will work and even better if you have a broadside target. Past that it would be iffy. I bought some #2 long range loads from Cabela,s that are supposed to pattern very small but when I got home the online reviews are really bad and no returns.
    I have been told that #2 Heavy shot is a killing load to 50-55 yards and would be state legal. Good luck finding them and then they are going to cost plenty if you do. But if the price of fur comes up it would be worth it.

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    I did see Hevishot's dead coyote shells at Cabelas

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