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    Anybody fish Candlewood? I usually do pretty good up there on the weekends as long as I get in early before the tournament guys get there and get out before they come in. This year was unusually cold. In April I couldn't keep my feet in the water to launch the boat it was seriously painful cold. Seems to have been very slow so far this year. A bass here and there, small trout. I usually fill the cooler with yellow perch. Haven't even seen one of those this year. I know it's warmer now but it hasn't picked up for me. I typically troll lead line as it's a deep lake with shad raps. I'm thinking I need some new tactics this year.

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    I fish candy a couple of times a year. Not yet this year, but the winter seems to have been bad for bass fishing as no top water bite that I can find. This year we are trying to get away from tourney pressure and boat traffic in general. it seems to have effect on all critters this year. usually I'm slow this time of year with NWCO work, but it seems to be still busy. Blues are in all ready as well. Just plain crazy.
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    funny thing about top water, 2 weeks ago I was doing well on frogs and I thought it was kind of early!

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    I was at Candlewood yesterday 5/29 and I'm sorry to say it's overfished in my opinion now with all the bass tournaments. Every weekend, Saturday and Sunday the lauches are filled with trailers from NJ, NY, all over for bass tournaments. The floating weeds are already all over the lake from the underwater weed wackers of these boats going into the shallows. I used to catch all kinds of bass in this lake and now it's an occasional trout or yellow perch. I talked to a guy from the DEEP at the launch and he agreed it's out of hand with the tournaments.

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    This is really sad. I always wanted to make the trek out there but I don't dare try a canoe there based on what I've been hearing. That's too bad tournament fishing pushed out the guys that only get out a few hours on Saturdays

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    Quote Originally Posted by ctrider View Post
    This is really sad. I always wanted to make the trek out there but I don't dare try a canoe there based on what I've been hearing. That's too bad tournament fishing pushed out the guys that only get out a few hours on Saturdays
    My strategy is to get there by 5:30 in the morning before all the tourny guys get to the launch. They start to arrive around 6am. I'm usually getting out of there around 11 or 12 as it gets too hot anyway and these guys run the tournament from 7 to 3. There is another launch down by the prison and I always see about 50 boats come out of there at 8am. The only way I can get in and out is to get there early and leave early. Otherwise you are waiting in line with 50 guys. Sad thing is all the floating weeds generated by them and I've noticed the fishing is way down from years past. Just getting over fished.

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    I will tell you that candlewood will have at least two bass tournaments on each weekend day. Lilly, Zoar will also have bass tournaments the connecticut river north (Hartford area) and river south ( Haddam area). Mansfield hollow the list goes on.

    Most bass clubs have 8 to 10 tournaments each as well as Connecticut bass federation will have their own tournament trail.

    Now keep in mind bass clubs from new york, new jersey, and massachusetts have their tournaments there too.

    If you are ready to left the the boat launch and the found out that said tournament launches in 15 minutes I would just go to my fishing spot.

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    Its far from overfished, you just have to find them when conditions and pressure gets tough, when I fished states 5 years ago there was only a handful of bag limits over 18lbs over two days, the guys that caught them got on the fish that moved out deep on jigging spoons. Too many people stick to the shallows and obvious spots when the fishing gets tough, its where good electronics comes into play and a good map of the bottom structure and contours. . .

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    Well another post on tournaments. Looking at the state website there are 4, yes Four tournaments at Candlewood tomorrow, 9-9-16 with a total of 71 boats. Two at Lattins and two at Squantz. Ridiculous. That's a lot of bass boats for one day but you don't think it's over fished? I might just pack it in for the year and get out the hunting gear and do a little shooting at the range.

    I would go down to the ocean and try and catch something there but the Devon launch has been closed for like 50 years and I don't have a permit for Stratford. That and the limits they set on saltwater fish these days makes it tough.
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    I was going to try and make one last trip to Candy until I saw that post then decided to sleep in. 71 boats in that area, that's 142 guys fishing and that doesn't count the regular joe's out there like me. They would be all on top of me. That is kind of ridiculous. Should be 1 tourny a day limit or something to give the rest of us a little peace on the lake too. I looked it up, I think you meant to say Saturday 9-10. There I fixed it for ya.



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