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Thread: Two Bows for Sale!!!

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    Two Bows for Sale!!!

    Hey guys,

    I've got bow hunting fever! I want to look into getting a new bow for the season and I have two bows in great condition that i'd be willing to sell for the right price. I have a 2012 Hoyt Carbon RKT that my dad gave me when he switched to a crossbow. My dad lightly used the bow and I've used it for one season. I have two sets of modules for the bow. Right now it's set at 30" draw for me which is the #3 module. I believe the other module is the #2, but I can check if anyone is interested. I also have a 2004 Mathews Outback that is in great shape. It's a smooth shooting bow and I believe it's set at 29". Again I'll check if anyone is interested, but I believe the cams will allow 28.5" - 29" draw. I've seen cams on ebay for $50 so you could find your draw. Anyways both bows could be sold naked or fully loaded (minus arrows). PM me if you're interested and I can send pictures.

    Hoyt Carbon Element RKT - Loaded $900 - Naked $750
    Mathews Outback - Loaded $350 - Naked $250

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    Hi all- I've posted a few pics of each bow. NOTE: I will be keeping the site on the Hoyt but first person to buy can have the choice between a true glow single pin (pics above) or a Fuse Interceptor (pics above) if they want the bow loaded. I shot the Hoyt at Halls with 30" and 70lbs it hit 309, 311, and 308fps. They're both outstanding bows.

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    Oh I forgot. On the Hoyt is 3E modules and I also have 3A. The Mathews is 29" at 80% let off or 28.5 " at 65% let off.

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    I shot the Mathews a bunch last year and its a great shooting bow, very smooth!

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    I know someone needs a good bow now that Sunday hunting on private land is legal! Would be willing to trade for a good crossbow Or Best Cash Offer!

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