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Thread: Sunday Hunting Passes State Senate

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    Quote Originally Posted by alukban View Post
    d-bag signed it
    I never thought I would see the day but here it is. Sunday hunting is here.
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    I was ok either way this went. I'll be owning my own land now in Zone 12 so it will be nice to have the option. I'll be taking the little one out so it will also be nice to be able to bring the bow if she is showing me she is mature enough to have it around her.

    The thing that astounds me about CT is it can't decide to be flaming liberals (gun control, gay marriage, etc) or hard core Puritans (restricted alcohol sales, no Sunday hunting). I've live a lot of places and must say the Northeast is the most confused place I've ever lived. I mean really, in one of the largest cities in the state in $500+ homes and still well/septic and no natural gas? Seems 'fly over country' does do a few things more sensibly.



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