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Thread: Another anti-gun bill

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    Another anti-gun bill

    Sponsored by the Judiciary Committee, House Bill 6962, or the “Burglar Protection Act,” would impose liability and penalties on firearm owners that do not lock up their unloaded firearms to prevent any person (not only minors) from potentially accessing the firearm. Data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) indicate that nationally since 1975, the annual number of firearm accident deaths among children ages 0-14 has declined by 87 percent, even as population, the number of gun owners and the number of guns owned have risen substantially. Their reports also indicate that children are more likely to suffocate (27%), drown (17%), be accidentally poisoned (2.2%), or perish from an accidental fall (1.6%) and are as likely to die in a non-traffic bicycle and tricycle accident (1.5%) as they are in a firearm accident (1.5%).
    It is already law in Connecticut that loaded firearms within close proximity to minors must be safely secured. This proposal has little to do with making it safer for children and only impedes your right to self-defense. HB 6962 is a gross overreach of governmental power into your private lives and homes. At the end of the day, it comes down to the fact that all households are different and have different needs. This bill would expand the current law to encompass every home, not only those with young children residing in them, and apply to unloaded firearms that pose no threat to anyone. This one-size fits all approach is a solution to a non-existent problem and is both over-reaching and not based on fact.

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    More of the same $hit. Not surprised.

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    Aptly named" Burglar Protection Act" .



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