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Thread: Is it worth hunting after the rut?

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    Is it worth hunting after the rut?

    If so then what would be a solid approach?

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    Yes, hit those winter food sources

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    Heck yeah. Late season can be great. Does will group up again, as will bucks. A second rut should happen in another 2 weeks or so. Snow (if we get any more) will show travel routes.
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    Biggest bucks I ever killed was in December. Bucks are run down they need to eat and put the weight back on. Also less hunting pressure because a lot of guys don't hunt the bitter cold temps. My favorite time to hunt is late season.

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    Same with me ROB I've killed more bucks in September and december. Look for food, they'll be there. Especially late season...cedar trees and whatever is left for acorns. December 20th always seems to be 2nd rut by me

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    Hell Yeah!
    Lots of good hunting left as the pressure decreases and they get back to winter survival mode.
    Have you ever hunted in January? You can set your watch by the doe groups once you find them. They just feed and move to sunny slopes to chew their cud. You can learn a lot about deer movement on your property following tracks on the snow.

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    My first deer, after a roller coaster first season in 2012, was taken on Dec 31st. It's never too late. I'll be hunting the last day too for sure!

    Keep at it!
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    I love muzzleloader season , especially if there's snow ... fun to track and stalk . Had a blast last year . Shot several times on different days and ended up with a 7 point.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TooManyHobbies View Post
    Heck yeah. Late season can be great. Does will group up again, as will bucks. A second rut should happen in another 2 weeks or so. Snow (if we get any more) will show travel routes.
    Yep.. my cam says they are grouping up again!

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    No, let me know where you saw them all year and give me a slip I'll watch their front door for you and let them know when they come out from behind their nice warm fireplace.

    Is your next question going to be is it worth hunting in the rain or snow. Their animals living outside, if you can legally be in the woods then go hunting, they have to be somewhere and by spending the time in the woods you'll get to know the animals in the area you hunt and how to better hunt them based on their habits and patterns for certain times of the year, weather conditions, based off food, pressure, dog walkers, ect
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