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Thread: How long to hang a deer after field dressed it?

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    You boy don't know what your missing out on.if I was a bow hunter I would build me a cooler with a cool bot just to hang them long.
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    It's be my experience to at least wait until rigor mortis has stopped and the muscles have relaxed before processing. I like to quarter them up and place in plastic bags, so as to not dry out the meat and leave them in the spare refrigerator for 3 to 4 day. The ideal temp is 35-40 deg's.
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    Could you quarter it right after field dressing it then hang the quarters for a weekl?? would that effect the flavor?

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    A recall reading somewhere that the rule of thumb is the #of days to hang is 40 divided by the temperature in C.


    This means something like 9 days at 40F and only 4 days at 50F.

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    Did a little research and found out "wet aging" is done in the fridge. I would search this term for yourself, but as far as I can tell you leave in whole muscle groups/quarter and vacuum seal and place in fridge. Hanging in an uncontrolled environment and worrying about spoilage or mold is too much risk for me with the amount or work it takes me to find deer on state land. I have seen articles that say to debone after rigor sets to prevent muscle shortening which is detrimental to tenderness. Also seen some that say if you immediately debone before rigor that is fine too, but others say not true. Up till now I have just been immediately deboning and processing, but am going to try leaving vac packed in the fridge next time to see if it really matters. It has always tasted good to me and I haven't noticed any toughness, but it is all I have ever had...

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