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Thread: Ordered my first xbow

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    Ordered my first xbow

    I never owned or shot a xbow, but I do archery hunt, so after alot of research I decided on a stryker solution 350, seems plenty fast and if it's easy to cock, and quiet, like they say, it should be a great way for my daughter to take deer this year. I'll prob bring it out too

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    I'm with you, thinking the same thing. Great way to get my daughter to take a few deer this year. Good luck, look forward to your pictures and stories. My buddy Matt has that crossbow and loves it , I watched him sight it in....quietest xbow on the market I'm my eyes , and I have seen a bunch through arrows.

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    hey thanks bloodtrail, that's encouraging about the quietness, biggest reason I never got one before. Hoping it's a keeper, and good luck when your out with your daughter.



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