Winchester AA Ammunition and USA Shooting Shotgun Team Break Medal Record at Olympic Games

Winchester Ammunition

The USA Shooting Shotgun Team has recorded its highest medal count in Olympic history - four - taking on the toughest competitors in the world with Winchester® AA® ammunition.

"Winchester is very proud of the athletes and their accomplishments," said Dick Hammett, President of Winchester Ammunition. "To compete against the world's best shooters and win means countless hours of practice and unbreakable concentration. Winchester is extremely happy to be associated with the USA Shooting Shotgun Team and thrilled with their choice of shotshells."

The following four USA Shooting Shotgun Team members captured medals with Winchester AA Target Loads at the 2008 Olympics:
Glenn Eller - Double Trap - Gold
Vincent Hancock - Men's Skeet - Gold
Kim Rhode - Women's Skeet - Silver
Corey Cogdell - Women's Trap - Bronze

Winchester has been the exclusive ammunition sponsor of the USA Shooting Shotgun Team since 1999 and provided the team with Winchester AA target loads for the Olympic events.

The mission of the USA Shooting organization is to prepare American athletes, such as the current U.S. Shooting Shotgun Team members listed above, to win Olympic medals, promote the shooting sports throughout the U.S. and encourage more shooters to become interested in international competitions.

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