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Thread: Vt hunting laws

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    Vt hunting laws

    Idk if anyone here knows, but I'm looking to pick up some land in vt to build a camp and use for family camping trips and a hunting cabin. Now I'm wondering is there a land restriction like here in ct, specifically needing 10+ acres to use a high caliber rifle to hunt on your own land? I'm trying to figure out how many acres I need/ should look for before I jump the gun. If anyone has any other info you might want to throw in go ahead. Maybe you guys might have land in vt yourself?

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    Here is a link to the VT fish and wildlife site:

    I haven't hunted there in years but I don't remember any restrictions on using a rifle. Matter of fact you can use a handgun as well from what I remember.

    Best of luck in your search!
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    With the exception of the last several years, I hunted Vermont for close to 30 years, both in the NorthEast Kingdom and in the South.
    As mentioned, look at the regs for shooting distances from occupied dwellings.
    I never had to deal with that, as I hunted large tracts of paper company land as well as private land in the North and National Forest ground in the South. Used to go in pretty deep and didn't run into dwellings or people at all.
    When I hunted private land, I always made it a point to touch base with the landowner, if possible.
    In Southern Vt., there is plenty of posted land now compared to 20, even 30 years ago. Lots of antis and no hunting in the South. But sometimes it's just a matter of asking.
    National Forest land is like hunting Maine. Not a lot of deer, but there are some huge ones that never saw a human.
    Good Luck.
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    VT does not have any land acreage restrictions for hunting. No permission requirements for un-posted land. (you do not have to carry written permission) If you wander onto private property that ins't posted the landowner can ask you to leave, but that is the extent of it, you will not get charged with trespass unless property is posted.

    But keep in mind that deer populations are much lower then here... You can easily hunt a full season and only see 1-2 deer. Rifles are okay, as are handguns and bows, but crossbows are still restricted to people with disability.



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