Perfect arrow placement and knowledge of whitetail anatomy are key elements in making clean shots and quickly recovering your quarry. The Broadhead Buck from Rinehart Targets is specially designed and built to help big game bowhunters increase their accuracy and efficiency in the field. Plus, it’s able to withstand the onslaught of broadheads without breaking, while still allowing arrows to be easily removed.

Rinehart’s American-made Broadhead Buck is like having two targets in one. One side clearly displays the buck’s vital organs to familiarize hunters with critical deer anatomy. When you see the real thing in the field, you’ll instinctively know the primary target zone for a quick kill. Affordable replacement vitals inserts allow for extended use and practice with this side of the target.

The other side of the Rinehart Broadhead Buck is designed to help bowhunters practice proper arrow placement on a naturally appearing, lifelike target. Whether shooting the exposed vitals or the natural side, this target is ideal for studying anatomy and the effects of arrow placement from any angle.

This anatomically correct, life-sized buck provides an extremely realistic practice experience. Manufactured using Rinehart’s solid “self-healing” foam, this target is ideal for extended practice sessions with field points, broadheads and expandable-tip arrows. Rinehart’s exclusive materials and construction techniques allow this target to absorb shot after shot and keep coming back for more—yet all types of arrows pull out with ease. The Rinehart Broadhead Buck is also weather proof and resistant to sun, heat and cold—so it’s ideal for practice all year long in any climate.

The Broadhead Buck target is available for $184.77. To learn more about Rinehart’s full line of premium 3D archery targets, visit or call (608) 757-8153.