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Thread: Game Dinner

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    I think if we are going to have one, that after Turkey will the best time! It will be warmer, we can shoot a 3d shoot. I also am friends with the people who put on the pop up challenge at Cabelas this year and can get them to come down! We have an semi ok to hold it at Crack Shots club. Snake Meadow! They have a great 3d set up and with the Pop Up Challenge it will a ton of fun! THe only problem with this is it is on this side of the state! It would be nice to get it more in the middle. But I guess beggers can't be choosers!

    If this is ok for everyone, we will need to hold a small donation to pay for the Pop up challenge and the club! It wont be a ton of money and the more people that donate the less it will be!

    Here is a link to Vital X 3d challenge! So you can see what it looks like. It is like the BuckMasters set up and I can tell you from first hand it is NOT easy lol! But a ton of fun!
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    Sounds ok to me, I have gone by this club a few times and it look like a great place.

    not sure if we really need to go with the pop challenge, yes it would be fun. But I would rather keep the cost down and have more member come and have fun.

    instead of the pop up challenge would it be better to just set up a small 3-d shoot for fun?

    as for being far for a few, why not make it a camping weekend for your family. There are several places to camp in the area.

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    When will the game dinner be and where ????
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