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Thread: Game Dinner

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    Instead of renting a location, what about someone that belongs to a church in the central Ct., area.
    They may be able to get the hall/kitchen at no cost.

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    I am in too.

    I can bring my fat belly and a healthy appetite!

    If I plan it right, might be able to bring a good load of cod or pollock.

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    I'm in. Ill make a pie or something non game related judging by my crap luck so far this season..... We might be able to rent out the elks club in middletown. I know CCDL uses the place sometimes.. The hungarian and polish clubs in Wallingford rents a lot too, and they're pretty close to 91. Ill call around and get a price on them and let y'all know.

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    i don't know how feasible this is, but you might be able to work something out with a soup kitchen where you get use of their facility for it and allow people in need to join us or donate some meat to them
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    Excellent idea. Early planning never hurts with calendars filling up so far in advance. I can bring something; what it will be will depend on how the hunting goes. So far nada except for a couple of very relaxing days away from the world.

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    I would be interested. There are certain game clubs that have halls for rental. Wallingford Rod and Gun is in the center of the state and rents out.

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    GREAT idea im in, i would love to contribute some vension lasagna or whatever else i can make up.
    i know someone who owns a hall in meriden but they dont have a kitchen, i live 5 mins away from there and we could use my kitchen, i could probably get it pretty cheap, i think it will hold around 100-125people, i know we have over 1000 members but idk how many would go.
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    I talked to the president of my club he said i need to go before the board then go before the membership at a meeting .
    I am working on it and will post in a week or two on how it turns out.
    This one may be to far out for most members to go to we need something more central .

    Come on guys i want this to happen its time we got together as a group it will be a blast .

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    im in

    I think this a great idea and i would like to meet the people on this forum, I can bring some food as well hopefully ill have a deer in the freezer soon. Let me know if i can help. I dont know of any halls but i can ask around.

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    Just talked to wallingford rod and gun. It's $325 to rent the club for the night with the kitchen. There's an $18/hr bartender option and there must be a member there for $50 fee. There's also a $100 security fee. so it would be less than $500 w/o a bartender. Not too bad.

    If all 32 people who said they would go were willing to help it would be less than 20 bucks each. My girlfriend would go too and would chip in..



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