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Thread: Any Stafford Fish and Game Members willing to Sponsor a local?

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    Any Stafford Fish and Game Members willing to Sponsor a local?

    I moved to Stafford last fall, and am fairly new to Archery and Hunting but a pretty experienced rifle shooter, and am long looking to become a member at Stafford Fish and Game. Me and the GF(who also wants to be a member eventually) walked around for an hour or so with Steve, the events coordinator and I'm anxious to start the membership process and help out at the club. Is there anyone here who's a member who wouldn't mind sponsoring me, or knows someone who might? I plan to help out a lot at the club and if someone can help me get started they won't regret it. I'll be going to the 3D Shoot there next Sunday so maybe I'll see somebody there.

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    As a new member you will be required to put in 40 hours of work and attend 6(8?) meetings in your first year. Did you pick up an appplication

    yet? Its a good club. There are a couple of memeber on this site.

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    lego pm me your number I'm local the fish and game club may not be the best route to go there is another option.

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