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Thread: Cam Pics Week 04.02.12

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    Cam Pics Week 04.02.12

    Just checked my cam that has been out for a month. It looks like one is starting to grow some antlers. I will have to check back in about a month to see. I just got permission to hunt 100 acres in East Haven CT and can take guests with me..AND I can plant a food plot. So i will set some cams up out there and post the pics. Maybe I'll have a lottery for CTHS members for the chance to hunt the land with me...I will keep you posted.
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    Sure does look like he is starting to "SHOW" lol! Cool, I have heard of a couple of others seeing nubbs.

    THat is WICKED nice of you to think about a lotter type offer fo us! Maybe some type of contest or a simple name drop! Either way thanks!
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