The easiest way to search bills during the legislative session that you may be intesrested in is by using the search title/action option found here:

Using this search you can search all the bills for any year by entering in keywords such as Hunting or Pistol, etc.

There are many other options for searching for bills on this page so check them out.

Once you find a bill that you would like to follow, you can sign up for tracking a bill here:

  1. Click the Register button and enter your first and last name, email address and a password.
  2. An email will be sent to your email address you entered above. open this email and click the link in the email to authenticate your registration.
  3. You should now be at the login screen so go ahead and login with your account information from step #1
  4. You should now see the screen that allows you to track a bill by number, or by legislator or committee, or by co sponsor. Enter the the information in the respective field and click track.
  5. Once you have the bills added that you wish to follow, you can use the bills listing report button at the bottom of the page to get a list of bills you are following with links to the bill so you can see the latest status.

Hope this helps!