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Let's keep the discussion to the topic it is under. Keeping the threads and posts on topic, and focused around the varying aspects of hunting and shooting is imperative for to be of value. We have no problem with humor and personal antics, as it livens up the place, let's just try to keep it on track. If it goes too far off track, we will simply lock the post up, and typically will leave it as is.

There is to be NO BASHING, whatsoever, of other forum boards.

The above is not all inclusive, but you get the point.

We are here to share information surrounding the topic of hunting, shooting and associated interests. We have not put this forum up to provide a venue for argument or criticism. It's all good to ask questions, post comments, and even retorts. If you have any real beef with a post, either take your concern to PM, report the post (via the Report Post icon), or simply ignore it.

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Businesses of the above nature are encouraged to participate in the forums before making posts about their product lines. It is good practice (common sense) as well to see if your offering is going to compete with any sponsor on While we do not prohibit these types of posts, you are encouraged to use integrity based decisions when deciding to make a product offering.

If your business has any associated controversy, past or present, with any of the current sponsors, please do not engage in product offering posts. Should this be revealed, your thread/post will be removed, without notice nor conversation.

3. Hunting Locations

Honestly, when posting a report, it simply doesn't matter. If you want to say where you hunted, do so, if not, that's all good as well. We would rather know more of the details surrounding the adventure.

4. Adult Photos & Content

Rated R is the key word here. Nothing over and above that, period. Image/Text deletion will result if violated. Repeat offenses will result in membership deletion and permanent ban.

5. PM Usage

If you have a message for a single person, or trouble with a post someone has made, use Private Messaging (PM) to address it. Private Messages are pruned based on age.
6. Jokes, Opinions, etc...

Let's keep it to the "General Chatter" Section, ONLY

7. Regulatory & Enforcement Forums

If you post a question in there, be patient for the response. They are busy folks, with organizations that are traditionally understaffed. If they have committed to providing guidance, they will get to us.

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Moderators and Administrators have final say in all matters, period. Their call is final, in all cases. None of us/them are here to hinder your usage of, however, we reserve the right to edit inappropriate or inflammatory content from a thread/post.

9. Banning, Deletion, "Super Ban", etc...

Use your head and basic common sense. If you do that, all should be good, unless you have no common sense or are here to cause trouble. There is no recourse once you have been banned. You are simply gone, and we are efficient at covering these bases, technologically. On this topic, simply because a person is banned does NOT mean they cannot be referenced or used in pictures, that would be ridiculous, as they are usually someone's friend, hunting partner, etc... You can feel free to discuss or mention banned members, as that is how real people socialize and operate.

10. CTHS Photo Gallery

There is a Image Gallery available for use. It can be found on the forum menu bar, and is called Photos. Just click on the link and you'll be able to either view or upload images for use here on You can upload pictures and link them in posts, via the link text provided under the picture, which you can just copy and paste directly into a post.

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For the most part, this is not an issue here on

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Stay tuned, and stay aware. Administration & Staff, Copyright 2007-2013

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These are just a few. Common sense should prevail when posting.

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