View Full Version : Thanks for sending Murfee to hunt with me OFB..lol

09-18-2011, 08:01 AM
I am soooo sore!! I am so out of shape...it sucks using muscles that you haven't used in a year! Anyway on to the hunt...Started out yesterday on a piece that I wanted someone else to hunt opening day, but couldn't make it...OFB sent Murfee to hunt with me yesterday morning...I get all the way to the tree, and I don't have my release, I check my fanny pack..no back up either...UGH..back to the truck, and then back to the tree again, by the time I'm up an in position it's pert near shooting light, a raccoon comes up the path the deer are supposed to come up, and heads to the corn field. After a couple mins I hear stalks of corn being broken and see movement off in the distance, I figure it's the raccoon, the wife texts me, and they were leaving for the day so I thought I'd get down and go have breakfast with them so I could see them before they left...it's about 8:00 now, and I'm at the base of the tree, and I hear blowing..UGH...Oh well I pack up, and on the way out push another deer on the edge of the corn field...the place is loaded!!

Went up to the new 68 acres I got permission to hunt, and 2 mins after I posted the "Oh deer where are you?" picture, I had a huge doe and 2 skippers come in, the doe was at 18 yds, and 3 steps from getting a buzzcut injection, I was a full draw waiting, and then she just spun around and went back the way she came taking the skippers with her, at about 6pm 2 more deer came out, but didn't offer me a shot, about 6:30 I heard blowing coming from the top of the ridge, but they were upwind of me, so I don't think it was me it was blowing at.

I"ve been running the Thermacell, so the bugs haven't been to bad, but I wouldn't go out without it!

Hunted for 2 days, and seen a total of 10 deer, but no shots!

So condensed version, I'm seeing em' but not getting em'!

09-18-2011, 08:53 AM
Van I'm glad to get him off my back onto yours:redface: At least your seeing deer.
They seem to be in the corn, orchards or fields!!It takes me a few trips to get it all
togeather.One thing I do is fill my backpack in the morning and ever since I started
bow hunting three years ago I put on my harnes,gloves and release before I leave
the house.I have a small two AAA batt. flashlight that is hanging around my neck
down to my belt line.It is there when I need it all the time.I can turn it on and have
one hand free if needed the other hand holds my bow.The only thing that Murfey
could do is nock off my glasses and that would be a pain in the butt trying to find
them with out hearing that sickning "CRUNCH":icon_cry:After coon hunting at night
for many years I found many times you can see better with out a light.Most of the
time I try to not use a light at all when I go to a treestand.But some mornings it
is pitch black and I'll turn it on."Say hell'o to Murf for me :icon_e_smile:

09-18-2011, 05:00 PM
I've got 8 hrs in, seen one, missed one. I think Murphy is making his rounds.
Van, have you been to my uncle's place yet? Don't know if the corn is still up, but want to try it this week.

09-18-2011, 05:57 PM
I drove by there yesterday, the corn is still up, should be some good action in there, I haven't hunted there yet maybe tomorrow afternoon? Want to tag team it? I can be there 3 - 3:30ish????