View Full Version : Archery Camp Day 6 - Wind, wind and more wind

10-29-2010, 10:13 PM
Last night was the first night we could see the stars since Sunday evening so we were excited but that only lasted until about 8:15 when the rain came...yup rain again.... and with it came the wind. It was blowing from all directions which made hunting down right miserable.

I wanted to hit the spot I hit yesterday afternoon but when I got there there were already cars there so I went over to the spot I was at Wednesday instead. I worked up along the creek to an old ground blind I just happen to know about and got all hunkered in for what I was hoping was finally a good day. It was sloooow to say the least so I decided to pull out the phone and write up the day 5 report and I had gotten all the report complete and was just reviewing all my typos when I heard the unmistakable nose of deer crunching in the leaves. a small fork horn stepped up out of the creek and on to the bench I was on but he stayed just outside my shooting range as he walked completely around my blind and started up the mountain. As he was headed up I took out the my trust "Doe in the Can" and let him have it. Stopped him dead and then gave him 3 quick ones and he was on a full trot coming to me throw some small pines when he just skidded to a stopped and locked up and I could tell he cut my wind. He whirled around and back up the hill he went. all I needed was for him to clear a few of those pines and the arrow would have been in flight. Oh well, that's how it goes in the big woods hunting from the ground. After the rain I decided it was time move around and I headed over to where Ray was sitting to see if I could move something his way but nothing. Ray had seen one bear on his morning sit. Jersey Jim had 4 does and a spike first thing in the morning only to have a bruiser of a bear come and send them packing. He saw 3 more bears after that (mother and 2 cubs). Steve and dad had a couple of does and a nice buck but no shooting. Bobby let a spike buck walk right under his stand and did nothing. Damn him. He later pushed up whitey with a doe. Whitey is a deer we chased around last year and made it through the season by giving justfish2 the slip on the last drive on the last day of 09 Muzzle loader season.

We all met up had some lunch and contemplated what to do. we knew the wind would be against us this afternoon and we have been thinking about talking up a different hobby like, golf, bowling or even singing. :) Ray and I decided to hit the corn fields or atleast the brush around it. Ray bumped two going in and I had two trying to sneak in on my in the thick cedars only to have the wind take me down once again. No one else say anything.

Our deer sightings are way down this year and not sure why. Some of it is the weather, some could be thanks to the corn still being up and some is just probably due to the incredible mast crop this year. Not sure what the issue was. We had seen 10 bucks without does and 2 with. We haven't seen many does at all so not sure what is going on.

I'm done hunting because the extended seasons starts tomorrow and I'm not buying extended tags for one day. Screw NJ. So instead I will be toting the cameras around while the boys give it one last go.

10-29-2010, 10:46 PM
you are makeing us ct boys look bad. i guess i will have to make up for it during smokepole season!!