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09-30-2010, 12:24 PM
here we go again this year sat. is a washout and sunday is perfect..I can't stand this any longer we all have to push for sunday bowhunting

09-30-2010, 01:09 PM
Sunday bowhunting would be awesome. Not that i would bowhunt every Sunday but in the case of weather or family commitments, having the opportunity to get out at some point during the entire weekend would be nice.

I used to hunt much more during the week until I took a new position with my company about 7-8 years ago and now my weekday opportunities are only available if I take days off, Hard to get in a morning or afternoon hunt now.

A few years ago the Sunday hunting laws came the closest they have ever been to passing as they made it out of committees and on tot he floor but it just never came up for a vote due to budget issues and such. DEP and many other groups worked hard for it. I know I sent many letters and talked many of my friends and coworkers, even non hunters to send in support for it and it was just disheartening that it never got to a vote.

it sure is a much more emotional and bad argument type of fight. I heard from many reps from other areas of the state that jsut spewed Animal Rights propaganda like having their friends dogs shot and people being shot at and that Sunday was their only save day to use the woods. Now we all know that this isn't true because if it was this stuff would be all over the news and you never heard a peep. Also if Sunday is the only safe day they have to enjoy the woods then why the hell are they all out there the other 6. :huh:

I know I haven't written to reps in a while on this subject just because I haven't seen the push from other organizations like CT sportsman, UBC and DEP. Without their effort I don't think we stand a chance alone.

The link below was to the last bit of information I remember on Sunday hunting when it made it out of committee. This is on the Coalition of Ct Sportsman website - remember to use Internet Explorer as this site doesn't work well with Firefox. - Shows what we are up against as well.

Last year New Jersey which was a sunday hunting hold out passed bowhunting on Sundays in WMA areas and private land only so there is still hope.

Spotted Crow
09-30-2010, 04:38 PM
Sat. Wash out?? Huh. I see Mostly sunny and 65! Even Fri evening looks good. Right after the heavy rain, about 2 2:30 heading out. SHould see something.