View Full Version : Tomorrows the day!

09-21-2010, 11:00 PM
Well hopefully tomorrows the day I get my first deer it's been 2 years since I started hunting and still nothing I'm staying optimistic though after-all it's a full moon and my daughters 1st birthday so with my luck I'll get one and be tracking it through the woods at the time I have to be home for cake.

Spotted Crow
09-22-2010, 05:58 AM
Good luck Bruh! Quote from Mr.Stan Potts. " If you put in the time and hard work ,You will be rewarded!"

09-22-2010, 10:30 AM
I like that positive attitude DS...Don't let it slip away. Go get em.

09-22-2010, 11:15 AM
^^^^ i agree with passinthru keep up tht attitude man i was gettin upset cuz i aint killed one yet this year keep on puttin in the time man eventually one will walk in front of you

09-22-2010, 11:25 AM
I agree totally. You need to keep the spirit up. With out that you dont pay attention and concentrate on being still and alert. Many times I feel like throwing in the towel. But I keep tryen... So when it does happen. Theres no feeling like it. I often think if you got one everytime you went it would take away from the hunting expierance.... Good luck!!!!

Spider lake
09-22-2010, 02:22 PM
Good week to stay out of your stands and let things settle down till cooler weather arrives.Deer stress out easily in these temps not to mention the full moon this week. They are putting on there winter coats and with these temps most movement will be under the cover of darkness.

Spotted Crow
09-22-2010, 06:10 PM
Spider's on that one. THese damn temps climbing back up sure isnt helping. Plus the Acorns UHHHG:icon_cry:

09-22-2010, 06:27 PM
have to be honest with you, my first day was going to be tommorrow afternoon , but, i hate hunting in the heat. i might chase some albies instead

09-22-2010, 06:27 PM
good luck to you and i hope you score big !!! almost forgot that. enjoy the party as well

09-22-2010, 08:43 PM
Yea it's all about stayin positive it gets tough some times especially since I only get 1 day a week to go out and I can't even get out till 9:00 in the morning because the kids are in school and the wifey goes in early. So it's all afternoon hunts and some evenings if she doesn't make plans for me. Well once again nothing now I have to wait till the 6th before I can go out again.

10-05-2010, 10:56 PM
Well it's that time again and the wifey has a very bad head ach so she is ganna stay home and take the kids to school tomorrow, so I'll actually be able to get out early! Just bought a climber I was ganna take it out tomorrow but I think I'll go to ol' faithful!

Hopefully the rain isn't to bad tomorrow.