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09-16-2010, 07:44 PM
DEC Conducting Lake Ontario Tributary Angler Creel Survey

New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) Commissioner Pete Grannis today announced that an angler creel survey on Lake Ontario tributaries will be conducted this fall. The creel survey will be conducted on 23 tributary streams ranging from the Niagara River eastward to the Black River in Jefferson County. Major stream fisheries the survey will include are: Eighteenmile Creek, Oak Orchard Creek, Sandy Creek, Irondequoit Creek, Oswego River, Salmon River, North and South Sandy Creeks and the Black River.

"Lake Ontario and its tributaries have consistently supported the highest angler activity in the state, exceeding 2.6 million angler days in our most recent statewide angler survey," Commissioner Grannis said. "In addition to their value as part of the state's vast natural resources, most recent estimates show that these fisheries brought nearly $113 million to the New York State economy in 2007."

The main objectives of the angler creel survey will be to determine angler activity (number of hours spent fishing) and number of fish caught by species in New York's Lake Ontario tributaries. Other information anticipated from the study includes: fish species sought by anglers, percent of fish caught that are released, catch rates (number of fish caught per hour), residence of anglers, and angler satisfaction with current angling regulations. Fish will also be examined for missing fins and implanted tags as part of ongoing studies that look at natural production of Chinook salmon and the performance of fish stocked by different methods. This information will help DEC in determining how well current fisheries management policies are meeting the needs of tributary anglers.

The creel survey started in mid-September and will run through May 2011. The timing of the survey will coincide with the angling opportunities for Chinook and Coho salmon, brown trout and steelhead (rainbow) trout in the tributaries. Anglers seeking species other than those listed previously, including Atlantic salmon, black bass, northern pike, yellow perch and sunfish, will also be included in the study. On several tributaries there is considerable boat angling activity (i.e. drift boats), which will also be surveyed as part of the study.

Creel survey technicians will be covering pre-established survey routes to count anglers and conduct brief interviews with them as available. During interviews, technicians will be clearly identified as DEC staff. Anglers providing accurate information on their fishing experience and cooperation in this survey with DEC staff will greatly aid the Department in compiling a representative assessment of the Lake Ontario tributary fishery.

For additional information on the creel survey contact Steve LaPan, DEC Lake Ontario Unit Leader, P.O. Box 292, Cape Vincent, NY 13618-0292, or by phone at 315-654-2147.