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12-11-2009, 04:54 AM
December 8, 2009

DeFronzo, New Britain Delegation Proposes Roll Back of DEP Fishing and Hunting Fee Increases

State Senator Donald DeFronzo (D-6), with the support of the New Britain Legislative Delegation, today said he will propose a plan to roll back recent fishing and hunting license fee increases implemented by the state Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) on October 1, 2009. Senator DeFronzo said that DEP has recently doubled license fees from $20 to $40 for fishing licenses and from $14 to $28 for hunting licenses.

“While these fee increases are intended to help close the state’s budget deficit,” Senator DeFronzo said, “the fee increases are too steep and fall too heavily on low, moderate and fixed-income people who enjoy fishing and hunting. We can find other sources of revenue to cover the costs.”

Three of New Britain’s state representatives will co-sponsor the proposal.

“Reducing these fees will allow tens of thousands of Connecticut residents to enjoy the state’s natural resources,” Representative Tim O’Brien (D-24) said. “This proposal is a far better approach then the original plan.”

“Doubling fees on basic recreational services like fishing and hunting is just not fair to Ct. middle income families,” Representative Peter Tercyak (D-26) said. “We can do better, and I hope the legislature will adopt Don’s plan.”

It is estimated the DEP fee increases would generate about $4.3 million dollars in new revenue; however, Senator DeFronzo said he will propose adjustments to certain fines related to motor vehicle infractions in order to raise the same amount of revenue. He said these fines have not been adjusted since 1985 and will compensate for the revenue loss which would result when the DEP fishing and hunting fee increases are rolled back.

Representative Betty Boukus (D-22) said she “supports the plan to roll back fees and hopes it can become effective before the start of the New Year and well in advance of the spring fishing season.”

Senator DeFronzo said that in these tough economic times it is important to keep basic recreational activities as affordable as possible. He hopes other legislators will support his proposal.

The 2010 legislative session begins on February 3. http://www.senatedems.state.ct.us/pr/defronzo-091208.html

Thank Sen DeFronzo & other supportive legislators for their interest and efforts.

E-mail, and Write, and Phone Call YOUR State Representative and State Senator - urge them eliminate the doubling of fees and SUPPORT a reasoned increase.

You can find your CT legislator at this http://www.cga.ct.gov/maps/townlist.asp or in the Blue pages under “Connecticut, State of” then “Legislators”. Also, inform your friends who have an interest. Ask them to communicate.

Use your own words, tell them how this outrageous doubling of fees will affect you and the state, use the KISS principle, and please…do not be insulting or negative towards Any Senator, Representative, or anyone else in the Capitol. Identify yourself and Town, State your position and why you Support or Oppose the doubled increase. Be Brief, if they have questions they will ask. Ask for a response to your communication!

Review other info at the CCS website www.ctsportsmen.com

12-11-2009, 05:38 AM
If it begins in Feb. it wont do me any good, I will still have to buy mine this month, I fish/hunt all year. Tell everyone they make great stocking stuffers.

12 Ring
12-12-2009, 01:17 PM
I sure hope if it drops it is before the Sate Land deer drawing cut of date in March

12-12-2009, 03:39 PM
I'll have to check but I wonder if you have to get a license before you apply for the lottery in March. :confused: Now you use your Conservation ID# instead of a license number.