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09-12-2009, 05:19 AM


LARGEMOUTH BASS fishing remains generally fair to good, with reports from East Twin Lake, Crystal Lake (Ellington), Lake Wononskopomuc, Lake Saltonstall, Saugatuck Reservoir, Candlewood Lake, Hatch Pond, Bolton Lakes (good), Ball Pond, Lake Quassapaug, Horse Pond, Indian Pond, Park Pond, Highland Lake, Winchester Lake, Lake Lillinonah, West Hill Pond, Lake Zoar, Quonnipaug Lake, Rainbow Reservoir, Bishop Pond, Halls Pond, Moosup Pond, Keach Pond, Pachaug Pond, Glasgo Pond (catches include a 6-lb largemouth), Ashland Pond (catches include a 5.5 lb fish), Amos Lake, Godfrey Pond, Wyassup Lake and Avery Pond.

SMALLMOUTH BASS is also fair to good, with reports from Lake McDonough, Saugatuck Reservoir, Lake Housatonic, Candlewood Lake (good, several4 lb smallies among the catches), Highland Lake (good), Coventry Lake, Lake Lillinonah, Mashapaug Lake, Gardner Lake and Bashan Lake. River smallies are providing some action on the Housatonic, Shetucket, Natchaug and Farmington (Tariffville) rivers

NORTHERN PIKE catches reported from Winchester Lake, Pachaug Pond, Lake Zoar, Lake Lillinonah, and the upper Shetucket River.

Some WALLEYE action reported from Lake Saltonstall, Batterson Park Pond, Coventry Lake and Beach Pond.

SUNFISH provide excellent late summer action. Use worms, grubs, jigs or small poppers on a fly rod for them. Areas to try include Lake Hayward, Highland Lake, Winchester Lake, Tyler Lake, Billings Lake, Dog Pond, Horse Pond, Indian Pond, Bishop Pond and Halls Pond.

YELLOW PERCH are reported from Candlewood Lake, Coventry Lake, Gardner Lake, Tyler Lake, Park Pond and Halls Pond.

Fall trout Stocking update- This week, DEP expects to stock the Black Rock Pond Trout Park, Wolfe Park Trout Park (Great Hollow Pond), the lower Farmington River TMA and the Naugatuck River TMA with a total of 1,900 brown trout (12 inch and larger fish) for the weekend. Additionally, 7,500 adult rainbow trout will be stocked into the two Housatonic River TMAs (upper TMA – 5,000 fish, Bulls Bridge TMA – 2,500 fish) and 3,000 “yearling” brown trout (6-9” fish) will be released into the upper Housatonic River TMA.
Rivers & streams - Conditions (moderate temperatures, comfortable flows, plenty of holdover trout, plus the beginning of fall stocking) are good for late summer trout fishing, and good fishing weather is also predicted for the upcoming weekend and next week. However, anglers should expect flows to increase some as rain is forecast for this Friday (9/11). Anglers may want to focus their efforts more toward terrestrial fly patterns as summer hatches fade. Streamer action should get even better as fall approaches. Good reports last week from the West Branch Farmington River, Farmington River, Weekeepeemee River, Salmon River and Housatonic River (among the recent catches are a 20.5” tiger trout and 21” rainbow).
Farmington River – Conditions are good, fishing has been a bit challenging but good, and there are still plenty of the 2,500 trout stocked into the West Branch last week awaiting anglers. West Branch water temperatures are in the low 60’s °F. West Branch flows currently are clear and fishable, about 425 cfs at Riverton plus an additional 30 cfs from the Still River. Flows may increase this weekend depending on rainfall amounts on Friday (9/11). DEP currently is planning to conduct its annual electrofishing survey of the river from September 15th through 17th. Anglers should expect West Branch flows to drop to 100 cfs or less beginning late September 14th and lasting through the 17th.
Hatches/patterns for the Farmington - The Trico (Trycorythodes stygiatus, #24-26, early morning), hatch is winding down but can be found between 7:00am – 10:00am in the upper areas of the river. The remaining bugs consist of Isonychia bicolor (major hatch, #10-14, fast water, evening), Blue Wing Olives (Drunella sps. & Baetis sps.;#18-26, mid-late afternoon), Cahills/Summer (Stenonema ithaca, #14-16, evenings),

2009 DEP Fishing Report Number 21, 9/10/2009

Sulfurs duns (Heptagenia sps., #16-20, below the dam due to low temperatures, morning; afternoon to early evening for spinners), Caddis (tan #14-18, all day; green #22-26, evening; summer pupa #18-20 morning), Midges (#22-32, morning), Black Ants (#14-20, mid day in fast water), Black Beetles (#14-18, mid day), Flying Ants (#18-22, mid day, when windy/humid, especially after rain), Stone Hopper (#8-14, mid day) and Golden Drake (Anthopotamus distinctus, #10-14, late evening).
Housatonic River – Conditions are great for early September trout fishing, temperatures are moderate (upper 50’s to low 60’s°F, mornings) and flows are clear and very fishable, currently 650 cfs at Falls Village and 880 cfs at Gaylordsville. With a possibility of rain in the forecast for this Friday, flows may increase some for the weekend (anglers can call FirstLight Power at 1-888-417-4837 for updated flow information.
Hatches/patterns for the Housatonic River - Flying ants (#16-18, mid-day, when windy/humid, September is peak month), Fall Sulfurs (#16-1http://nedisabledsportsmen.com/forum/images/smiles/icon_cool.gif, Blue Wing Olive (#18-22, early morning; spinner fall in evening), Leadwing Coachman (#10-12 evening, September is peak month), Sulfurs duns (#16-18, below the dam due to low temperatures, morning; afternoon to early evening for spinners), Cahill (#12-16, evening), and Black caddis (#14-20, early morning & evening). Try Black Ants (#14-18, mid day in fast water), Black Beetles (#14-18, mid day), Stone Hopper (#8-10, mid day) or streamers (morning & evening, try White Wooly Buggers, Muddlers, Micky Finn, Grey/Black Ghosts - #4-10).
Lakes & Ponds – Early September trout anglers have been finding fishing fair to good, with reports from Mashapaug Lake, Crystal Lake (target 22-25 ft), Coventry Lake, Beach Pond (Rhode Island side), Long Pond, East Twin Lake (10 trout to 20 inches for one angler, target 30 ft), West Hill Pond and Highland Lake (second basin).

CONNECTICUT RIVER – NORTHERN PIKE fishing has been good, try in the coves, confluences with streams and along the mainstem downstream from Hartford to Middletown and in the Haddam Meadows area.

CATFISH are active and are providing great action on cut bait (chunking) near structure along deeper holes.

LARGEMOUTH BASS fishing is fair, lower river coves and backwater areas are best.

SMALLMOUTH BASS action is fair to good north of Hartford.

BLACK CRAPPIE fishing reported to be good, small shiners work well, best action in back coves.

STRIPED BASS action continues to be found in the lower river.


Use a loop knot for best results when fishing a jig. A free swinging jig moves well when casting and adds action when fished vertically.

It’s important to maintain a precise depth when fishing vertically. Experiment with lures at a variety of depths until you find the fish. Placing a rubber band around the spool of the reel will help mark the proper depth. This helps to return to that correct depth quickly. Using a slip bobber will also help.

When the Crappie disappears from the area you are fishing, move out to deeper water, and fish at the same depth. The fish will often suspend out from structure or drop offs, but maintains the same depth. This is often the case in late summer.

While many fishermen rely on the shallow water of spawning crappie for good fishing, crappie will almost always be found in the deeper depths. In a typical year there may be only two to three weeks when shallow water will provide more consistent fishing.

Experienced anglers use jigs, spinners, worms, small shiners and grubs to put fish in the creel.

2009 DEP Fishing Report Number 21, 9/10/2009

The LAKE MCDONOUGH boat launch is now closed for the season (anglers may still fish from shore).

The extensive drawdown of RAINBOW RESERVOIR scheduled to begin on Labor Day (September 7th) has been delayed, but is still expected to occur this month (September). Once the drawdown begins, the state boat launch will unusable due to the low water levels.