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06-15-2009, 04:48 PM
Salt water fishing
licenses in limbo

Updated: Monday, 15 Jun 2009, 4:03 PM EDT
Published : Monday, 15 Jun 2009, 4:03 PM EDT

Hartford (WTNH) - Legislators already cast their votes supporting a bill requiring licenses for salt water anglers starting today but it has yet to arrive on the governor's desk leaving fisherman and the proposed law in limbo.
"Well, I hope I didn't waste my $10," Dave Carreiro of Bolton said.
Carreiro got his license last week along with many others.
Bob Chapel of Bob's Rod and Tackle issued more than fifty licenses before the machine shut down at his shop in Waterford.
"This week was absolutely crazy," Chapel said. "I have to keep telling them no we can't do it right now, we can't do it right now."
He was putting a license through on Friday when the computer stopped working.
"It came up without the license tag and it's like woah, what happened," Chapel said.
A little later this message popped up: 'There has been an unexpected delay in the signing of this bill.'
"I was waiting until the last day to see what happens," Eric Malinowsky of Waterford said. "You know, they change their minds all the time."
Many people already have licenses in hand because they were selling them for about a week or so before the machines shut down. Some of those folks are wondering what to do.
"People are kind of nervous about going out on the water now," Malinowsky said. "What happens if no one knows the actual story, is somebody going to get in trouble for not having their license?"
Richard Gaylor of Willimantic and David Carreiro got their licenses so they're safe either way.
"I know it's coming, so if you got it now it's over and done with really," Gaylor said.

If and when it does go through, Chapel and the Department of Environmental Protection, which will enforce the law, are ready.
"If we get the green light from the governor, we are ready to spring into action and have that license available to anyone who wants it," Dennis Schain from the DEP said.