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03-02-2009, 11:47 AM
Massachusetts News
Massachusetts Preliminary Deer and Bear Numbers Released
Massachusetts Dept. of Fish and Game

A preliminary total of 11,206 deer were taken during the 2008 deer seasons. Some check stations results have yet to be compiled. Paraplegic hunters took eight deer during the three-day hunt. For the 2008 archery deer season, a preliminary total of 3,581 deer were checked in at official deer check stations. The Western District office tallied 377 deer while Connecticut Valley District office reported 416. Central District stations had 666 deer checked; Northeast District, 830; and Southeast District checked 1,162. In 2007, the final archery total was 3,303.
Preliminary figures for deer checked in for the statewide shotgun season totaled 5,324. Deer checked by District were: Western District, 776; Connecticut Valley District, 1,028; Central District, 1,229; Northeast District, 729 and Southeast District with 1,562. In addition to the above total, 79 deer were taken during the controlled hunt at Quabbin Reservation. The second day of the Hardwick and Petersham hunts, December 12, was cancelled due to impassable roads and hazardous conditions created by the ice storm.
During the muzzleloader season, a preliminary total of 2,087deer were checked. By district, the numbers of deer checked in are as follows: Western District, 259; Connecticut Valley District, 315; Central District, 467; Northeast District, 503 and Southeast District with 543. Final numbers will not be available until later in the year, after the data from check stations has been entered and analyzed.
2008 BEAR SEASON FIGURES -- During the September and November bear seasons, licensed hunters took a total of 100 black bears. During the 17-day September season 78 bears were taken, and 22 more were taken in the 18-day November season. Last year, the total number of bears taken was 143. The breakdown of figures by county is as follows: 41 bears taken in Berkshire County, 24 in Franklin, 9 in Hampden, 23 in Hampshire and 3 in Worcester County. No bears were taken in Middlesex County. The largest bear weighed 350 pounds and was taken in Hawley. The second largest bear weighed 331 pounds and was taken in Westhampton. Both animals were taken by rifle. The largest bear taken by archery equipment was 285 pounds. Bear hunters are reminded that their 2009 bear permit application and $5 application fee are due July 16, 2009. Hunters with paper licenses will find their permit application on their hunting /sporting licenses. The application and fee must be sent in to MassWildlife's Field Headquarters in Westborough. Online license holders must apply and pay for their bear permit application by going through the MassOutdoors system.

Horizontal Hunter
03-07-2009, 02:03 PM
There are a couple of interesting changes in the harvest for the 2008 season:

Though the total harvest was down by 383 deer from 2007 The archery kill was up by 177 while the shotgun kill was down by 415 and the muzzleloader kill was also down by 146. I wonder if there are more archers in the woods or if the archers were just more effective this year.

The bear kill was down to 100 this year from 143 in the 2007 season. From what I have been hearing and reading the nuisance complaints were up last year.

The Quabbin Reservation hunt was down to 79 deer. I am sure that this is do in part to the second day of the Hardwick and Petersham hunts, December 12, being canceled due to impassable roads and hazardous conditions created by an ice storm. Last year the Quabbin kill was 147.

The Quabbin Reservation is a beautiful place to hunt and that is why I hunt it, not for the deer population as I once did. When the Quabbin Reservation was initially opened to hunting in 1991 the deer kill was 575 and the following year it was 724. At this point the harvests have leveled off and the population is well under control and in most areas the forest under story has grown back in.

Just a little commentary on the numbers FWIW.