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10-22-2008, 03:15 PM
Irondequoit, N.Y.) -- The town of Irondequoit began its annual bow hunting program Monday to thin the deer herd. They say this helps reduce property damage and deer car accidents in the town, but some residents and animal rights advocates do not support the idea.

Gina Stein said she moved to an area near Durand Eastman Park to enjoy the deer and other wildlife. She doesn't support the bow hunting program.

"There's ways that to control it in a more humane way,” he said. We’re kind of relying on the old standards

However, police say the program is the best way to manage the herd and protect people and their property.

They say in the six years bow hunting been allowed number of car-deer accidents reduced from 200 to 40 and is low key compared to the bait and shoot program which ran for eight years and allowed hunters to shoot deer in Durand Eastman Park.

Irondequoit Police Chief Richard Boyan said that program “disrupted a lot of people’s lives."

Still, animal rights supporters like Sandy Baker of the Monroe County Alliance for Wildlife Protection say it is still inhumane and ineffective.

“At this point they are just repeating the same mistake over and over, which in the corporate world is called ‘insanity.’ In the bow hunting world it’s just called ‘oh let’s go have some fun and kill some animals,’" she said.

However, police maintain that there is no way to control the herd and please everyone. They say this way is the most effective, least expensive way and it is safer.

Irondequoit police officer Russell Stein oversees the bow hunting management program.

"They start the hunt at sun-up and then they’re done at noon. This is to prevent kids from being around on the buses and things like that. Most people aren’t in the woods, they are secluded areas."

Twenty hunters were out Monday in 14 locations in Irondequoit. Many hunt on private land with the approval of homeowners. They harvested four deer and will be out through the end of November.

Some people feel bow hunting is inhumane because it results in more wounding than killing of deer.

Police say all of the hunters are tested and have very high accuracy rates; some are professional bow hunters who rarely miss. They also say deer are tracked and found if they are wounded.

10-22-2008, 03:42 PM
These animal rights activists just make my blood boil. It's obvious where their heads are at. :moon: