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  1. Last days of Jan....
  2. Annual deer hunt under way to thin herd at Bluff Point
  3. Deer harvests on decline, but new reporting methods may
  4. DEP announces Trophy Fish Award Ceremony
  5. NICS Numbers for CT for 2009
  6. CT 2010 Angler's Guide is Out
  7. The herring run has begun
  8. 2010 Hunting Guide
  9. Outdoors: Saturday's season opener soured
  10. Fishing report number 1 4/22/2010
  11. Seymour Land Trust Cancels Fishing Festival
  12. Fishing report number 1 4/29/2010
  13. Another season is under way, with a good weekend in the forecast
  14. Kids reel in prizes at Colchester fishing derby
  15. CT seafood suppliers to feel impact
  16. Fishing report number 3 5/6/2010
  17. Stripers: A night and day choice
  18. Funding approved for replacing fishing pier at Cummings Park
  19. 2010 Connecticut River Migratory Fish count
  20. Fishing report number 4
  21. Notice of Intent to Add, Amend and Repeal the Boating Regulations
  22. Seymour Fish & Game Club "The Art of Skeet Shooting/First Shots"
  23. WLOPA Cancer Shoot
  24. Fishing report number 5
  25. Fishing report number 6
  26. Stripers in The Race are the best bet this holiday weekend
  27. Fluke are good catch on the R.I. beaches
  28. DEP Weekly Fishing Report for June 3
  29. States Schedule Hearings on Striped Bass Draft Addendum II
  30. Fishing report number 8 6/10/2010
  31. Declaration of Regulation Change
  32. Precaution is always key when fishing
  33. Shellfish beds may reopen Wednesday
  34. Lobstermen warn moratorium on fishing could leave them extinct
  35. The news is mixed this week on fluke
  36. Fishing report number 9 6/17/2010
  37. DEP Issues Temporary Warning against Consuming Fish
  38. Fishing report number 10 6/24/2010
  39. Bass and blues may be stirring
  40. Fluke finding way into eastern Sound
  41. Don't eat fish from Oxford's Little River
  42. Lake crash lawsuit names 74 defendants
  43. Fishing report number 11 6/30/2010
  44. So many fish to choose from for a long weekend on the water
  45. Cleaning Up After Slobs
  46. Connecticut DEP To Temporarily Close the Bayberry Lane State Boat
  47. Fishing report number 12 7/7/2010
  48. Fishing report: Heat doesn't ruin action
  49. Push to keep lobstermen fishing
  50. DEP To Hold Public Informational Meetings on Lobster Management Practices in Long Isl
  51. Stocking a surf bag can aid fishing success
  52. Lobster Fishing Ban on the Table in New England
  53. Shad run efforts appear to have leveled off
  54. Lobstermen Have Opportunity to Make Their Case
  55. Lobstermen facing ban tell state DEP to back off
  56. Fishermen get booted from New Haven's Grand Ave. bridge in flap with boaters
  57. Fishing report number 13 7/14/2010
  58. Finders, keepers when it comes to fluke
  59. Ultimately, rain could help revive freshwater action
  60. Blumenthal Opposes Lobster Fishing Moratorium
  61. DEP Fishing Report Number 14, 7/22/2010
  62. Fishing on top of the slop
  63. BUI enforecement is a state priority
  64. Removing PCBs from Housatonic River
  65. Seven new parcels in Ridgefield deer panel’s sights
  66. Fishing report number 15 7/28/2010
  67. Color of the week on the water is blue ...
  68. Migratory Bird Hunting Season Regulations Meeting
  69. DEP, boaters together on Facebook
  70. Grand bluefish tournament arrives today
  71. Rainbow Reservoir will begin to be lowered Sunday, August 1, 2010
  72. New Laws....
  73. Independent scallopers see proposed rule changes as a threat
  74. Fishing report number 16 8/4/2010
  75. Time is running short for fluke, blackfish in state
  76. Fishing report: Dog day conditions prevailing
  77. Size of Sound bluefish appears to be increasing
  78. Why Cummings Park is pier-less
  79. Fishing report number 17 8/11/2010
  80. For keeper fluke, try Block Island
  81. Enter Greatest Bluefish Tournament now
  82. DEP Tranquilizes Moose On The Loose
  83. DEP Proposes Final Regulations to Better Protect State’s Rivers and Streams
  84. Fishing report number 18 8/18/2010
  85. Cooler nights, mornings may lead to greater catches
  86. Beautiful summer's on the run; better catch some fish before it's gone
  87. Ridgefield CT 13 parcels approved for deer hunt this fall
  88. Something stinks at Calf Pasture Beach
  89. Excess deer population has its costs
  90. Fishing report number 19 8/25/2010
  91. Sunny skies and plenty of blues to be found
  92. Controlling The Deer Population Costs A Lot In Fairfield
  93. For problem deer, think venison
  94. Lacking a plan, Stamford racks up costs from deer overpopulation
  95. In Defense of Clear-Cutting
  96. Fish & Ships Seafood Festival back at Mystic Seaport
  97. 4 on sinking boat rescued off Stamford
  98. New study triggers salvos in battle over deer control
  99. Boaters Not Taking Chances With Earl
  100. Fishing report number 20 9/1/2010
  101. Hunting has increased deer population, not reduced it
  102. Fall Archery Deer and Turkey Seasons Open September 15
  103. Fishing report number 21 9/8/2010
  104. Access to Crescent Lake may be opened
  105. Use the proper gear when hunting water monsters.
  106. Late-summer fishing yet to pick up
  107. Bonito, false albacore have arrived, just not in our inshore waters
  108. : Rabid coyote cause for concern, but not panic
  109. Debate continues over Darien's possible deer overpopulation
  110. Fishing report number 22 9/16/2010
  111. Waterfowl Festival Being Held At Cabela's
  112. Anglers turn out to help one of their own
  113. Bristol Brass dam may be removed soon
  114. Boat burglary sends divers into Jordan Cove
  115. Warmer weather helping blue crabs flourish
  116. Striper secrets shared at library Monday night
  117. Fishing report number 23 9/22/2010
  118. Saturday is Hunting & Fishing Day in Connecticut
  119. Help control overabundant deer
  120. Outdoorsmen contribute much to fabric of country.
  121. Porgy season about to come to a close
  122. Fish for kids at Saugatuck Cup
  123. Catch-and-release tournament coming soon
  124. Fishing report number 24 9/29/2010
  125. Harbor panel looks for ways to bring anglers to Norwich waterfront
  126. 2010 Junior Hunter Training Days
  127. Moose Proliferation Brings Problems for Drivers, Forests
  128. Bill would give hunters new options out in field.
  129. possession limit for the commercial harvest of scup is increased
  130. Fishing report number 25 10/6/2010
  131. Bass and bluefish have started to bite
  132. Fishermen, call your senators
  133. Insurer Estimates Chances Of A Car Hitting A Deer
  134. Fishing boat sank after skipper fell asleep
  135. Abundant acorn crop could curb deer kill.
  136. Saltwater and thames river
  137. Gov. Rell announces $1M in federal funds for boating ‘pump-out’ programs
  138. Grab and Go Kids Planner: Feb. 10 - Feb. 14
  139. Westport business offers free fishing, boating seminars
  140. 2011 hunting trapping guide
  141. Centennial Watershed State Forest
  142. Record setting summer for state fishermen
  143. Hunting Near Putnam, CT
  144. Pheasants until end of Feb???
  145. Bear Killed in Windsor, CT
  146. Moose Sightings Way Down In Connecticut
  147. maybe closer than we think?
  148. Conn. wildlife officials considering bear hunt
  149. State Quietly Laying Plans For a Bear-Hunt Lottery
  150. You can be an advocate for the fish
  151. DEEP awarded federal grant for boat marina construction
  152. Fishing report
  153. State biologist backs effort to lure anglers to Norwich
  154. Time to prepare for fast-approaching fishing season
  155. Fishing report
  156. Looking to join a club that stock pheasants
  157. Fishing report
  158. Any Stafford Fish and Game Members willing to Sponsor a local?
  159. Anyone Pigeon hunt?
  160. Norwich City Council to focus on fishing
  161. Bears on the Rise in Connecticut
  162. Songbirds of CT
  163. Fall salmon fishing heating up
  164. How long does it take to get your Conservation ID
  165. Demand for gun permits taxes Groton police policy
  166. Pachauge state forest
  167. Looking to buy my first rifle
  168. Completed and Passed...
  169. 2015 hunting & trapping guide
  170. Winter Storms Impact Connecticut Wildlife In Different Ways
  171. Your thoughts on a possible CT bear season in a couple of years
  172. April 3rd 3D-Shoot Housatonic Archers
  173. May 22nd 3D Shoot Housatonic Archers