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  1. Flarety Field Hunting 11/27/07
  2. Pictures of Dogs From Big E Springfield Kennel Club Sponsor
  3. More Pictures From Sundays show Big E sponsored by springfield Kennel club
  4. Baldur and Gestalt
  5. Baldur and Gestalt pictures
  6. More dog pictures... Everyone likes pictures...
  7. Dog Shoots Owner
  8. Connecticut Task Force sets dangerous course
  9. Proper Nutrition for Working Dogs
  10. Pointer Puppy Play
  11. Keeping Your Dog Fit Through the Summer
  12. Getting Your Dog in Prime Hunting Condition
  13. A K-9 First Aid Kit for the Field
  14. Running Competitive Events, Some Thoughts
  15. Set An End For Your Dog’s Behavioral Problems…
  16. anyone run beagles?
  17. Duck/ Water Dog
  18. New England Sporting Group Association 3rd annual 2 day Dog Show March 14 & 15
  19. Rough night
  20. Best of Breed? Pedigree Dogs Face Disease
  21. Ticks !
  22. ct hunting preserves
  23. Gearing up for pheasant.
  24. Idaho hunting dog survives 270-foot fall after 36-hour rescue
  25. Training Flushing dog or Retriever
  26. Lab Pup
  27. New pup on the way
  28. Brown Lab's
  29. pigeon training
  30. Quail house
  31. Beagle's
  32. Connecticut Bill Targets Sporting Dog Owners
  33. Can I hunt with this pooch?
  34. Ticks on your dogs
  35. Connecticut Dog Tethering Bill Remains a Problem for Sportsmen
  36. gundog training
  37. Upcoming Bird Dog (I hope!!!)
  38. DEC Announces Leashed Tracking Dog Handler Exam
  39. GSP 3yrs old
  40. 'coon dogs
  41. Teds dog Lacey
  42. Ted and his dog Lacey
  43. Regulated Dog Training Area in East Lyme Ct
  44. It does not get any better than this.
  45. Dog Training area East Haddam, CT
  46. Lacy enlist in the army
  47. Training spaniels and retreivers
  48. Best book for pheasant training..
  49. Duck Dog For Duck and Upland
  50. Recommened Breaders
  51. The boys got thier first bird today!!
  52. The Pup cost me 600 $ last night!!!
  53. Looking for gun dog trainers around Suffield CT.
  54. The dogs had a good Saturday morning!!
  55. New pup coming in april, looking to hunt him!!
  56. Daughter got her first Pheasant today!!!
  57. Dog training question
  58. Looking for a Lab
  59. My buddy is officially a Junior Hunter!!
  60. Trained English Springers
  61. Bobwhite Quail
  62. Looking for 20 Gauge Blanks & live birds - Dog Training
  63. New Wire haired pointing griffion pup
  64. How do I keep my dog within range?
  65. Looking for live pidgeons for dog training
  66. Great week!!
  67. Looking for Chocolate Lab for 40th Birthday
  68. Short afternoon hunt
  69. My boy got his first!
  70. Anyone have or hunt with an English pointer??
  71. Pheasant update - from ct dep?
  72. Dog breeds for hunting... Anyone use non-typical breeds?
  73. saving a beagle
  74. E Collar Training Suggestion or FF'd First?
  75. Great weather for the last days of the season.....
  76. Looking for protective dog vest
  77. 7 MONTH English setter female
  78. Remembering the Greatest Hunting “Wonder Dog” that Ever Lived, 75 Years After His Dea
  79. Force Fetching
  80. Black & Tan coon hound
  81. New Hobby
  82. Any one traning there dog in my neck of the woods
  83. English Setters
  84. Duck Dog Training
  85. Free Training Table 2 x 8 with two ramps
  86. New pup off to a good start......
  87. springer spaniel
  88. Saturday.Wife's first pheasant.
  89. Gun Dog trainers in Eastern CT?
  90. Anyone Know a Good Lab Breeder?
  91. Our new Pup
  92. Male Lab puppy available
  93. Bowwow - Netflix for dog training DVDs
  94. Jackson at 16 weeks
  95. lab or german short hair pointer breeders
  96. My boys beat
  97. 10 year farm lease for dog training using live birds
  98. Dog Training for Fall
  99. dog with lyme
  100. German shorthair pups for sale!
  101. Dog and master interested in hunting?
  102. F ing dog
  103. Leaving dogs intact?
  104. When to start traing for bird hunting
  105. Treeing Walker Coon Hound Free to good home
  106. show me ur dog!
  107. What do you guys feed ur dogs?
  108. Upland game hunting locations? I hunt over ESS's
  109. Hey
  110. Ticks
  111. Lost my tri-tronics upland g2 transmitter yesterday, Simsbury WMA, northwest corner
  112. No woodcock today, but a great day
  113. Wire-haired pointing griffon ?
  114. Jackson finally has an opportunity to make his first retreives
  115. Another video of a Jackson Retreive
  116. Labs having trouble with retrieve of ducks
  117. Couple pics of Jackson from the goose field
  118. English springer 9 month
  119. Pointing dog clubs?
  120. Preseason dog training
  121. birds for training
  122. German Shortair Pointer pups?
  123. Junior Hunter Title
  124. English pointer puppies for sale 8 weeks old!
  125. Thinking About A Lab
  126. Litter of Drahthaar pups in CT
  127. This Was Different
  128. Double Trouble
  129. Goals for the year?
  130. Food For Labs
  131. First Aid Kit For Your Dog
  132. new Yellow Lab Puppy. any Train ing help?
  133. GPS/shock hunting collars for dogs
  134. Tick prevention for man's best friend
  135. Force Fetching
  136. Beagle pup wanted
  137. Looking for pigeons in southwest CT