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  1. New Issue For Wallingford Gun Range: Lead In Water
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  3. Slow page loading
  4. Lawmakers to consider ending longtime Sunday hunting ban
  5. Gun Permit Delays Intolerable
  6. On November 1, NRA has launched a new Web site devoted to hunters rights
  7. New forum
  8. CT Online Licensing Coming Soon!
  9. Gun maker to acquire Marlin Firearms
  10. Welcome New Members
  11. 2008 Vermont Moose Hunt Application & Information
  12. World's largest bear hunt last fall
  13. Deer Permit Lottery Application Period Now Open
  14. USSA Turkey Hunting
  15. Upcoming Firearms and Bow Hunter Safety classes and Trapping
  16. Site Moved to New Server
  17. Site Shut Down
  18. Gallery Link Is Back
  19. Photo gallery closed
  20. ChuckA
  21. Gun and ammunition makers shoot down microstamping proposal
  22. Glastonbury Shooting Range Re-Opens For 2008 Season
  23. DEP Reports "High" Forest Fire Danger Level
  24. House boosts illegal hunting penalties
  25. CT may allow hunting of moose and bears
  26. Durham residents to meet tonight about bullets found
  27. Officials trying to determine if bullets are from Blue Trail
  28. Lyme-fighting bill moving forward in legislature
  29. New Marine & Tackle LLC
  30. Tracing Blue Trail's legal trail
  31. Cannon shell found on Blue Trail hike
  32. Eleven Deer Test Positive for Chronic Wasting Disease in Wes
  33. Governor Rell Proclaims Lyme Disease Prevention Month
  34. DEP to close Tri-Mountain State Park due to bullets
  35. free firenock
  36. Blue Trail Rifle Range agreed to close its 200-yard range te
  37. Another Bullet Strikes Durham Home
  38. Preventing Lyme Disease: 5 Ways to Avoid Getting Bitten
  39. check out the Homepage
  40. E-mail I recieved today
  41. NWTF Announces New CEO
  42. Suit aims to shut down Blue Trail Range
  43. After taking 129 deer in hunts, Wilton deer committee eyes m
  44. Save Blue Trail Range
  45. Father's Day - June 15, 2008
  46. Do lead bullets make animal meat unsafe?
  47. Updated State Mosquito Control Efforts, New Web Site
  48. New England moose under attack from ticks
  49. Gun owners' rights win key Supreme Court test
  50. New England gun makers hail Supreme Court ruling
  51. Help Save Blue Trail Range
  52. Youth with disability needed for special PA hunt
  53. Blue Trail Range postpones reopening
  54. Gypsy Moths Are Back, But The Damage Is Limited
  55. Check out the New Blog!
  56. New Admin
  57. Welcome
  58. Rifle range busy, but safety still debated
  59. Happy Birthday "Call Maker"
  60. New lawsuit targets Blue Trail, Wallingford
  61. Hunt to Feed Hunters Helping the hungry
  62. REMINDER - Contest Signups
  63. REMINDER - picture, story & help
  64. New Attention Goose Hunters
  65. DEC expands bear hunting areas in state
  66. National Hunting and Fishing Day Set for Saturday
  67. Homepage
  68. New CTHS Logo
  69. Changes
  70. 2008 Mossy Oak Passion Award
  71. NY man offers reward for stolen hunting pelts
  72. Attention Ruffed Grouse Hunters
  73. Sportsmen Fight another Lawsuit by Antis’ Seeking to Ban Hun
  74. NY trio charged in theft of exotic hunting pelts
  75. Massachusetts Deer heads needed
  76. New York: Routine Testing Reveals TB in Captive Fallow Deer
  77. Bushnell to Acquire Ultroptic S.A.
  78. New Attention CT Deer Hunters -
  79. Changes Have Arrived
  80. Boy, 8, fatally shoots self with Uzi at gun show
  82. Happy Anniversary
  83. Arcade Now Available on CTHS
  84. Won't remember password
  85. Congratulations Swamphunter
  86. New forum
  87. Hearing on 2009 hunting and trapping regulations.
  88. CDC Study Shows No Health Risk Associated with Traditional Ammunition
  89. Devil’s Den in Weston closes weekdays for a controlled deer hunt
  90. I am now a National Certified Taxidermist
  91. Notice of Intent to Amend Regulations and Notice of Public Hearing
  92. NY Update: Tuberculosis in Columbia County Captive Deer
  93. Vermont Court sees hunting accident as assault
  94. National Parks to Allow Right-to-Carry
  95. Stories & Writing
  96. Outdoors card to be required in Ontario
  97. good luck
  98. Advertisment
  99. learn how to adjust your scope
  100. Happy birthday smokepole
  101. Current & Proposed Regulation changes
  102. 2009 hunting & trapping guide
  103. Happy New Year
  104. way to cool
  105. Judge sentences taxidermist
  106. Lawmaker seeks to curtail hunters' use of lead bullets
  107. Groups sue over concealed firearms in national parks
  108. • Online Sportsmen Licensing •
  109. Well, that !@#$%^
  110. Unusual Supreme Court Case Could Create Problems for Anti’s
  111. USSA Combats False Impression Left by Newsweek Hunting Story
  112. 6 New Properties Conserved by Great Bay Resource Protection Partnership
  113. Join me
  114. Hickory Farms
  115. My Flag
  116. input needed
  117. DEP Announces Annual Deer Culling at Bluff Point
  118. CT DEP Investigates Hunting Accident in East Lyme
  119. MN sixth case of CWD in a captive elk or deer has raised concerns
  120. Outdoor participation up, down among youth
  121. Congressional Sportsmen's Caucus announces Senate leadership
  122. All-Out Attack Waged on Shooting Ranges in Connecticut!
  123. Connecticut: Package of Anti-Gun Bills Proposed This Week
  124. Illinois Bill would force Insurance on gun Owners
  125. Durham will study safety of Blue Trail Range
  126. google earth
  127. Phone bill rip off
  128. Public Informational Meeting on 2009 Recreational Summer Flounder Fishery Measures
  129. Bill to Carry Concealed Weapons Across State Lines
  130. Update on Pending Connecticut Gun Bills
  131. Feds Send Mixed Signals On Push For Gun Control
  132. Environment Committee PUBLIC HEARING AGENDA on Sunday Hunting among other bills
  133. Gov. proposes hike in hunting fees
  134. April 26th UBC Fund Raising / Awareness Banquet
  135. Turkey Hunting Seminars
  136. Connecticut Deer Lottery On Line Due 3/15/09
  137. Massachusetts Turkey Hunting Reminders
  138. Lead Ammo Ban by National Park Service an Anti-Hunting Move
  139. Update on Pending Connecticut Gun Bills
  140. Upcoming Firearms Hunting Courses
  141. CT “Micro-Stamping” Bill Scheduled for a Hearing on Monday
  142. Hearing to Discuss Fate of Board of Firearm Permit Examiners
  143. COMPLETE 3/15 @ 5:15 PM Coming down for about 30 minutes
  144. About the conservation fund
  145. Some gun owners protest new technology
  146. Sportsmen License Fees
  147. Judge Blocks Rule Permitting Concealed Guns In U.S. Parks
  148. Update on MicroStamping Bill
  149. Gun carry law shut down over environmental impact
  150. Cougarnet
  151. Kill bill aimed at bullet buyers
  152. Wild Turkey Hunting Safety Seminar
  153. Connecticut: Three Anti-Gun Bills Die as One Pro-Hunting Bil
  154. Free NRA Membership
  155. DEP: Residents Need To Be Bear Aware
  156. Sad News Joe Wojtan
  157. Joe Wojtan memorial fund
  158. Machine gun ban for children passes
  159. HUNTING RELATED INJURY REPORT (January 1 - December 31, 2008)
  160. Glastonbury Shooting Range Re-Opens
  161. The Coalition of Connecticut Sportsmen
  162. Senate backs allowing guns in national parks
  163. House votes to allow guns in national parks
  164. Thoughts for Brian
  165. Centennial Watershed State Forest Permits are out
  166. MDC Nepaug Reservoir Deer Hunt
  167. Darien Deer Management Committee investigates chronic Lyme disease
  168. Update On Pending Federal Legislation
  169. Maine Governor Signs Hunting Preserve Bill
  170. DEC scraps proposed deer hunting antler restrictions for areas in Catskills
  171. States ready for first open wolf hunts
  172. House Panel Adopts Amendment Allowing Guns in Public Housing
  173. Nh fish and game seeks conservation officer trainees
  174. Fairfield Deer Advisory Panel
  175. Migratory Bird Hunting Season Regulations Meeting
  176. Rell signs Lyme disease bill in Brookfield
  177. All-states weapons permit sought
  178. Senate Democrats splinter over controversial concealed gun m
  179. Concealed arms reciprocity rejected by Senate
  180. Proposed Amendments to Hunting
  181. Quabbin sets lottery for December deer hunt permits
  182. Moultrie Game Cam Contest
  183. ARS Device is Highly Effective at Controlling Ticks that Spr
  184. New Laws Hunting Trapping Laws
  185. Colt arms recall.
  186. Appeals Court: Government Can Require Gun Registration
  187. Blue Trail critic accepts sediment for dredging project
  188. Vermont Antlerless Deer Application Deadline is Thursday, Aug. 27
  189. no raises $$$
  190. New Tagging Rules posted on the DEP Website
  191. Rocket Aeroheads Giveaway (Promotion is over)
  192. Massachusetts Outdoor Expo (Big Moe)
  193. Water authority to allow limited deer hunt
  194. Migratory Bird Hunting Season Dates Set
  195. CT State Budget - ALL LICENSE FEES DOUBLED!!!!
  196. Photo gallery
  197. CT 2009 Archery Deer Harvest Reported
  198. Brookfield leaders endorse deer hunts to deter Lyme disease
  199. National Hunting and Fishing Day in Connecticut Sept. 26
  200. Hunt to Feed
  201. DEP announces Opening Days of Upcoming Fall Firearms Hunting Seasons
  202. Deer hunt expands, will begin Oct. 5
  203. Antlerless Private Land Deer Tags Increased in Some Zones
  204. Attention Connecticut Sportsmen
  205. 2009 possible NY record book buck
  206. Gander Mountain Tree Stand Recall
  207. New Tagging Rules DEP EPO Interpertation
  208. Lyme disease found in up to 90% of area deer ticks
  209. Glastonbury Shooting Range is closed for the season.
  210. Holiday Mail for Heroes is back!
  211. Reduceing License Fees?
  212. TV marksmanship show
  213. My sons TV show
  214. Try again
  215. Gun law changes across the U.S.
  216. Excalibur Bear Hunt Contest
  217. Orion Multimedia Announces Major Programming Block On SPIKE
  218. Heads up hunter training courses
  219. OK this is it Sunday
  220. Here is a link to my sons Elk photos
  221. 2009 Deer Hunter Survey
  222. NW CT 10th Annual Sportsman's Banquet
  223. Gome Study Hunter Ed courses scheduled
  224. Several Important Bills Pending Action in Hartford
  225. Tolland Safety Proposal: Limit Shooting Guns Near Homes
  226. Obama Considering Locking up Millions of Acres in the West
  227. Senate Bill 114
  228. Firearms auction data
  229. Legislative Update for the Constitution State
  230. Hand gun deer hunting
  231. got my site T-shirt
  232. Enfield River Access Plan Hits Roadblocks
  233. Durham report says bullets could be coming from two locations
  234. Gun Ordinance Passes, After Much Debate
  235. Woodbridge Proposed Ordinance
  236. Blue Trail - Courant Article
  237. Marlins is gone
  238. Connecticut Second Amendment March
  239. cod fishing next Friday
  240. Youth Turkey hunting training days
  241. House OKs Bill Banning Guns In Acadia
  242. chinese economics 101
  243. red skelton pledge of allegiance
  244. heath care
  245. this will make you vote in november
  246. Early Lyme Disease DNA
  247. Martha Dean is running for Attorney General
  248. JTs Fishermans flea market and shop day
  249. Mass State Police Unveil New Secret Weapon To Combat Marijuana Growers
  250. House Passes Deficit Plan, Senate To Consider