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  1. Contacting your CT Legislators
  2. Find your Legislator
  3. CT General Assembly main Webiste
  4. Post responses from your legislators here
  5. State Sportsman Organizations
  6. Federal Bill to Protect Traditional Fishing Tackle Introduced
  7. Candidate for Governor Tom Foley Letter to Sportsmen
  8. CCS/SportPAC 2010 Candidate Ratings
  9. New AG in ct.
  10. What do we (Connecticut) need to do???
  11. ATF in new backdoor firearm registration attempt
  12. New bills introduced for 2011 legislative session - Updated 1/20/11
  13. collecting signatures for sunday hunting
  14. Sunday Hunting Bill
  15. CT Environment Committee - contacts
  16. CT Proposed Lead Ban (Sinkers, Jigs & More
  17. Recent Legislation Proposed in Vermont
  18. Could Connecticut's tough gun laws get tougher?
  19. Proposed H.B. No. 5800 Session Year 2011
  20. Let Landowners and Sportsmen Decide When to Hunt
  21. never let a crisis go to waste
  22. Wood boiler ban.
  23. Notice of Intent to Amend Regulations (Pheasant hunting, some fishing, and waterfowl)
  24. HB 5129 Sunday hunting
  25. Rep. Sterns Offers National Right To Carry Reciprocity Act
  26. Bill Introduced to Ban Possession of All Magazines Over 10
  27. H.B. 5158 Out of Committee...Thank your reps!
  28. Please read
  29. Ansonia Man Says Comments Misunderstood.
  30. Just what we need...
  31. Thank god!
  32. Sb # 547 & 967
  33. Sunday Hunting Legislative Update
  34. a response from an old email
  35. C'mon CT!
  36. Horses are now legal for slaughter...UNREAL!!
  37. D.C. Ordered to Pay $1M in Historic Gun Case Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/polit
  38. Guilford resident starts political action committee to halt hunting at East River Pre
  39. State Stocking program might go away,
  40. New Sunday Hunting Bill 2012
  41. Link for searching the CT General Statutes
  42. Sunday Huting Bill History since 2007
  43. How to search for bills by Title/Action & Keeping up with them
  44. How does a bill become law in CT
  45. 2012 Legislative session - Bills concerning, hunting, fishing, shooting - upd 4/20/12
  46. Bill on fake guns aired before Connecticut legislature
  47. Pheasant Stocking Cancellation Update - from Bob Crook
  48. Sunday Hunting Public Hearing - March 7, 2012 10:30am
  49. A guide for testifying at Public Hearings
  50. HB-5261 THE HUNTING OF DEER WITH A PISTOL Public hearing 3/7/12
  51. Public hearing scheduled for Tuesday 03/06 at 1130 LOB Rm 2C
  52. Update from Bob Crook on HB5263 & SB336 - fines for poachign and negligent hunting
  53. Intermedia Outdoors Launches Sportsmanvote.com Site Today
  54. The EPA is accepting public comments
  55. U.S. Supreme Court move backs game warden power Read more here: http://www.sacbee.co
  56. "Sportsmen" stab Theodore Roosevelt in the back
  57. Env Comm Meeting 3/21/12 - includes Sunday Hutning - email from Antis
  58. Save The Pheasant Season
  59. House bill increases hunter access to public lands
  60. Time is runnign out on Sunday Hunting - need help
  61. Sunday hunting measure may run out of time
  62. Camo on the Capitol March
  63. 2012 November Elections
  64. 2012 Legislative session recap from Bob Crook
  65. UN Arms Treaty--action needed at the CT level
  66. Support a pro gun pro hunting candidate
  67. Democratic senators offer gun control amendment for cybersecurity bill
  68. White House gives cool welcome to bill restricting online ammo sales
  69. High-Capacity Magazine Ban Blocked by Filibuster in Washington
  70. Vote today if your registered to either party
  71. Gun ID legislation may trigger exodus of gunmakers Remington, Colt
  72. New Britain trying to tie up loose ends on gun law
  73. Senator Dianne Feinstein says she'll reintroduce assault weapon legislation
  75. sunday hunting
  76. Chicago: Cook County mulling violence tax on guns and ammunition
  77. Notice of Intent to Amend Hunting and Trapping Regulations and Notice of Public Heari
  78. GOP blocks bill to give hunters more land access
  79. sunday hunting for 2013
  80. 2 Conn. lawmakers offer firearms legislation
  81. Two good petitions to sign...
  82. Feinstien 's new ban to be introduced.
  83. Why Do People Need Guns?
  84. A young Marine's Response to Feinstein's Proposal
  85. WARNING for pistol permit holders...
  86. Bye's proposal to require registration of all guns
  87. If they come for your guns do you have a responsibility to fight?
  88. Valid reasons to oppose a 10rnd magazine limit
  89. The Maelstrom in Washington Begins
  90. NY "pistol permit map" endangering corrections officers
  91. Obama gun grab through 'executive action'
  92. First Bill for the year! WATCH OUT!!!
  93. Statement From the National Rifle Association of America Regarding Today's White Hous
  94. Borrowed from a Friend; psychiatric drug use and firearms violence
  95. Proposed ct sb 122
  96. Good read.
  97. copy of letter to my politicians
  98. No charges for "Meet the Press" host Gregory for displaying high-capacity magazine
  99. Easy way To Contact Your Politicians
  100. Ammunition tax / Liability insurance
  101. Easiest Letter to Send!!
  102. My letter to the senator.
  103. 1/14/2013 Obama says he'll 'vigorously' pursue 'meaningful' assault weapons ban
  104. Connecticut SB-122 A proposal for nothing but single shot guns
  105. Here is the first list of Guns Banned
  106. Amending the constitution!
  107. Rally in Hartford Sat. 1/19
  108. Legislative action without public hearing
  109. Call with State rep
  110. Please vote in this poll!!!!
  111. Bypassing normal process
  112. ONE public hearing Monday, 1/28
  113. Public Testimony via email. You'll only get one chance!
  114. Murphy, Blumenthal, Feinstein To Propose Assault Weapon Ban Thursday
  115. Disgusting polititian!!!
  116. Feinstein's assault weapons ban of 2013 released
  117. New online survey
  118. Your NRA is Pro-Hunting Seven Days a Week
  119. 1000 Army Special Forces Operators Sign Letter in Support of 2nd Amendment
  120. State Senator, Assistant Majority Leader, and gun ban proposal coauthor, Beth Bye.
  121. I need a lawyer....
  122. Legislative Testimonial Training Seminar
  123. Senator Ted Cruz's (R Texas) Testimony on the Gun Control Hearings
  125. A Korean Said It Best
  126. What the hell !
  127. Happening Now! CGA Gun Violence Prevention Working Group Informational Forum
  128. Legal Drone strikes on Americans
  129. Massachusetts, Connecticut Bills Would Require Gun Liability Insurance
  130. Legislative Update - Thursday February 7, 2013 - Bristol
  131. URGENT! The legislature is doing an Emergency Certification for proposed gun control
  132. Sandy Hook DA cites 'potential suspects,' fears witness safety
  133. Biden More gun control won't prevent mass shootings or bring "gun deaths" down
  134. Dan Bongino @ Guns Across America
  135. List of Bills
  136. Simsbury open forum on gun control:
  137. State Rep Acker survey
  138. THIS guy is a Patriot
  139. Esty Town Hall Meeting
  140. Sunday Hunting with Bow on private land
  141. Gun Control Fight!
  142. Cops Potentially Granted Warrantless Access to Gun Owners Homes
  143. Here it comes ...
  144. Uncle Joe....say it ain't so, Joe?
  145. response from Blumenthal
  146. Dictator Malloy's gun proposal...
  147. Sunday Hunting Public Hearing
  148. Malloy and his quest for my gun!
  149. My Letter to politicians.
  150. Rep. Urban receives humane society of the united states “legislator of the year” awar
  151. Colorado Bill Would Ban Shotguns - Its not just about AR
  152. Gun Violence Prevention Task Force To Release Recommendations TODAY
  153. My letter to my rep. Re: task force propositions
  154. NRA rally- in case you haven't seen this
  156. Florida: Anger Management Prereq To Buy Ammo
  157. 4 president
  158. Letters
  159. No fixed standards for gun permits in Mass.
  160. Anyone else get this?
  161. California Seizes Guns as Owners Lose Right to Keep Arms
  162. Colorado Gun Bills Pass State Senate
  163. Weapon ban
  164. The can't yell "FIRE" in a movie theatre argument.
  165. Bohica
  166. Sandy Hook Commission Public Meeting
  167. Sandy Hook Advisory Commission Releases Interim Report 3/18/13
  168. Will Colt,Mossberg,and Stag do the same?
  169. What has happened to the press?
  170. Colt Temporarily Closes Down Factory to Protest Gun Control Laws at Connecticut Capit
  171. Assault weapons ban dropped from Senate bill
  172. Outdoor Channel Pulls Productions from Colorado
  173. Bye- in case you haven't seen this video
  174. Colt to bolt? Gun maker's boss says company feels unwelcome in Connecticut Read more
  175. Millions Returned To States For Wildlife, Hunting, Fishing Projects
  176. Gov. Malloy Upset at Legislator's Request For More Information
  177. Insurance requirement.
  178. Letter from Obama
  179. Bear Hunt Vote Today By Legislative Committee
  180. CBS News Poll: Support for Stricter Gun Control Wanes
  181. NRA-ILA (grumble...grumble...)
  182. UN Arms Trade Treaty
  183. Toughest Gun Laws in The Country!
  184. The Governor is coming to Cornwall Library next Monday @ 7:30pm
  185. Another demonstration in Hartford- 4/3/13!!
  186. If im reading this right its a Sad day for Jr hunters.
  187. We The People....
  188. Dem on our side?
  189. Proposed gun laws in case anyone is interested
  190. 'Insane' crowds as customers flood Connecticut gun stores before vote
  191. Found an interesting online petition
  192. who voted for what in the senate.
  193. These amendments were violated today
  194. Where was the NRA?????
  195. whats this long gun permit in the bill
  196. New CT Gun Laws - Q&A Just Received from Representative
  197. House votes
  198. NSSF Statement on Passage of Connecticut Legislation
  199. Heller vs DC
  200. Hats off to Hoffmans
  201. Please join ccdl, it's free
  202. Who voted what?
  203. What Happened Maryland?
  204. 15 Yr Old leave Anti-Gun Politicians Speechless
  205. Conn. Gov. Malloy says NRA's Wayne LaPierre reminds him of 'clowns at the circus'
  206. God Bless the NRA
  207. Colt moving out
  208. Boycott CT
  209. Another great interview
  210. NY Gun Confiscation Begins
  211. Sandy Hook Dad on Fox News
  212. Will this be added to Obamacare?
  213. Oh Bristol...
  214. No 2nd Amendment in CT according to Northeast Middle School in Bristol
  215. This guy is SPOT ON!
  216. Anyone Going To CCDL Meeting Tonight?
  217. Implementing Gun Bill Could Cost Up To $25M A Year
  218. The Exodus Begins: PTR to Move from Connecticut
  219. USFWS to Disburse Record $882 Million to States
  220. Will the GOP block the gun bill?
  221. Pay the CCDL
  222. According to Biden
  223. Missouri State Police hands over permit holder list to Feds
  224. Good article
  225. First lawsuit filed against new Connecticut gun laws
  226. Anyone know anything about this?
  227. Q&A about the new gun law with fasano and Yaccarino
  228. New Haven Register Reports Blumie / Murphy raising money for gun control
  229. Lawyer: New Connecticut Gun Law Not Legal
  230. Supreme Court declines to hear gun rights case (Kachalsky v. Cacace,)
  231. Mossberg Letter To "Gov." Malloy
  232. Big win for us (nationally)
  233. Biden: 'The President Is Already Lining Up Some Additional Executive Actions' for Gun
  234. WTNH Poll on background checks
  235. Knew this was coming...
  236. Arizona Lawmakers to Reverse Gun Buybacks, Sell Them Back
  237. My Vietnam Hero Senator
  238. To anyone who is in the Traitor Senator Len Fasano's district.
  239. Bear Hunting Bill Clears House Committee In Connecticut
  240. Hypocrites!!!!
  241. Barkhamsted Man Arraigned for Comments Threatening Gov. Dannel Malloy
  242. HB5412 Sunday Hunting
  243. So should Obama be removed from office?
  244. Open Carry Training Bulletin
  245. Backlog of Thousands of Applications, Permits from Connecticut Gun Law
  246. Gun violence in US has fallen dramatically over past 20 years, Justice Dept. report f
  247. New Hunting Regs Coming......
  248. May CCDL Meeting
  249. State police swamped by background checks on guns Read more: http://www.ctpost.com/l
  250. registering high-capacity mags.